The Journey of Documentary is an online interactive documentary about how to make an online interactive documentary. It is an initiative which was created by filmmaker Atalanti Dionysus as part of her Masters Research looking at the ‘evolution of documentary’ titled: Documentary Producing and Interactive Platforms: Opportunities, Evolving Processes and the Changing Craft.

Her hopes for this site are that it is used as a resource for emerging filmmakers and academics and generates conversation around transmedia & interactive multiplatforms for documentary/storytelling and acts as a hub for collaborations and networking opportunities world wide. The website hosts a web series called ‘The Journey of Documentary’, with featured  interviews from professional documentary filmmakers/radio, social media experts, games developers, artists, academics and innovators of documentary. It also hosts an online test screening cinema and a crowd sourced timeline.  Subscribe to this website to receive updates about interviews as they are uploaded or ‘Like Us’ on Facebook. www.facebook.com/TheJourneyOfDocumentary.

‘I hope you find this resource to be valuable and I encourage you to become part of this online filmmaking community by posting your comments, ideas and revelations.  Look forward to the sharing innovations’. Atalanti Dionysus, Filmmaker Melbourne Australia.

Atalanti utilised user friendly web technology and tools to demonstrate that anyone can build a web site and host their own web series, allowing them to instantly screen their films/projects without required approval from the ‘gatekeepers’.

Below is an outline of what you will find on the website under each menu.

A timeline sequence of the technology that was used to make documentaries dating from 3200BC to the current year. These segments are selected moments in the journey of documentaries evolution, reflecting changes in technology and in audience viewing platforms. Open for crowd sourcing of content from audiences who would like to contribute to the timeline worldwide.

Filmed Interviews from award winning documentary filmmakers, radio documentaries, transmedia experts, gaming developers and interactive experts from around the world sharing their experiences, knowledge and production practices.  This section of the site in particular will be constantly evolving with new interviews from experts working in the documentary space. Subscribe to be kept upto date with the latest interviews.


Making a Web Documentary – offers an outline to a step by step process to making a web doc /web series.

How To – By Youopen source software codes and free technology tools for the development of interactive online web docs.

Self Distributionprovides insights and ways to consider self distribution using social media and the internet.

Terminology – definitions of the terminology used in this space.


Funding – where to find the money. A list of funding bodies, arts organisations, philanthropic initiatives & crowd funding networks from around the world offering funding support for documentary filmmakers.

Social Media Platforms – links to social media sites known to help engage and create communities especially around documentaries.

Sources Across Platforms links to a variety of community based digital culture sights, gaming, mobile devices and learning resources.

Innovations in Documentary  – here you will find links to innovational documentaries and examples of other peoples work from around the world.  I invite you to add or contact me in regards to documentaries that you believe are cutting edge and are doing something different with the use of technology.

Distributors/Broadcasters – digital platforms has opened up a platform for independent and hybrid distribution.  This is an evolving list of some of the companies to consider.


Digital Media / Web Awards – a list of some of the worlds most recognised web awards organisations.

Documentary Conferences & Festivals – international documentary conferences and festivals.

Documentary Test Kinema (cinema) – an innovative way to screen trailers and teasers to an online test audience.

Collaborators  – this section will display information about the type of crew and experts that are valuable participants to making an online documentary.
This section is also live and encourages crew/filmmakers to display their profiles and information in regards to crewing roles for their projects.

A compiled list of papers relating to innovative practices and insights around documentary/storytelling, evolving technologies and new media practices.

Documenting innovations and practices in documentary making from around the world.

The Journey of Documentary is an internal award winner. Lists and details of awards.

Contact details for the producer of this website.

Outline of the website.

The website has been designed to open up discussion, create collaborations and become a space for individuals to show and tell. If you’d like to become a contributor to this website by either writing a post or providing information about online learning, please do. Otherwise please feel free to email us: thejourneyofdocumentary@gmail.com with your feedback.

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